Transport Jeddah KAIA Airport


There are various taxicabs that wait outside of Jeddah airport. Rates are fixed but depending of the year’s season, it can be more or less expensive. For example, to reach Makkah (Meca) during the low season, taxi fare should be around SR 150 - SR 250 but during Ramadan price is doubly, between SR 300 - SR 400. Travel time is about 1 hour.


We strongly recommend you to negotiate the price with the driver to reach this figures, if you can’t be agreed, go to the next driver. Some of the taxi drivers speak english as well as urdu.


Private taxis can run throughout Saudi Arabia while white taxis with the taxi sign are not allowed to go, for example, to Makkah (Meca). Please, make sure that it is a licenced taxi. Men can share taxi rides. Passengers can book previously the taxi service or arrange it when arriving at Jeddha airport.


Limousine or private car

Various limousine agencies and private car companies provide service to all passengers that arrive at Jeddah airport (JED). Rates depend of the distance that passengers may need to cross but should be around SR 100-150 to drop passengers near their hotel.

7 seat GMC is a common way of transportation.



Various buses connects Jeddah airport to Jeddah city, Makkah and Medina despite it is not the most common way of transportation. Ticket fee is about SR 15.