Jeddah Airport Guide to Jeddah - King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)

Jeddah KAIA Airport Terminals

King Abdulaziz Airport Jeddah consists of three terminals: North, South and Hajj Terminals and an exclusive VIP Terminal.


Inter-terminal transportation

There isn’t any mean of transportation to transfer between terminals.

Since the terminals are located far from each other it is needed to take a taxi.


See related information about terminals at Jeddah Airport below:


South Terminal

It is considered one of the most striking ones of the world regarding architecture.

Saudia used to exclusively use it to 2007, when other Saudi airlines such as Sama Airlines and Flynes began to use it. Nowadays, other international carriers are allowed to use it.

It can handle 2,500 passengers per hour and serves all scheduled international and domestic of Saudi Arabia.

The South Terminal of the King Abdulaziz Airport Jeddah also features two public restaurants and a 60-room hotel, which is located about 100 metres east of the main entrance in the Arrivals level.

Also, a big mosque is located outside the facilities of the South Terminal.

North Terminal

The North Terminal handles the international airlines and accommodates an additional 20 international airlines that operate during the Hajj and Omrah seasons. North Terminal has 14 gates, a cafeteria and a restaurant at the terminal’s main entrance.

Hajj Terminal

This terminal was built to attend increasing number of pilgrims that every year travel to Mecca.

It is in fact one of the world’s largest terminals after Beijing Capital Airport, Dubai and Hong Kong International Airport.

Hajj Terminal is provided with lots of facilities as mosque, restaurant areas, prayer areas, banks, currency exchanges, post office, telephone facilities, markets, airline information counters, medical clinic and first-aid services.

VIP Terminal

It is exclusively reserved for the use of the kings, heads of state and official guests.

Flight status

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The following services can be found at Jeddah Airport Terminals:

- Barber shop
- Toilets
- Wi-Fi (in north and south terminals)
- Mobile chargers
- Luggage storage
- Post office
- Airport hotel
- Prayer halls
- Mosque
- Food and drink concessions
- Market
- Banks
- Currency exchange booths
- Duty free stores
- Public telephones
- Medical clinic
- First-aid services

Airport lounges

Jeddah Airport is equipped with the lounges as follows:

- First Class Lounge: Location: North Terminal, Airside. Opening hours: 24 hours.