Jeddah Airport Informational Guide to King Abdulaziz International Airport - KAIA (JED) - Non Official

Jeddah Airport Terminal 1

Jeddah Airport Terminal 1 is partially in service since 2018. Also known as new terminal 1, currently it is able to handle 30 million passengers, equipped with 46 boarding gates (domestic and international) with a total surface of 810,000 square meters.

All flights of the South Terminal will be moved during the first quarter of 2020 to Terminal 1. There’s still no date for airlines in North Terminal.

Please note that Terminal 1 is only accessible by shuttle and car.

Transfer between terminals

There’s a shuttle bus between Jeddah Airport Terminal 1 and the other existing terminals.


Jeddah Airport Terminal 1 is split into domestic and international sides with separate facilities for both domestic and international check-in as well as boarding area.

It is equipped with 220 check-in counters, 80 self-service check-in counters and an advanced system of conveyor-belts able to handle 7,800 bags for departures and 9,000 for arrivals per hour.

In the center of the terminal there’s a huge garden which is not accessible to passengers. There’s also one of the biggest airport aquariums in the world.

Distance between check-in facilities and the farthest gate is about a mile. There are travelators and buggies to help passengers move between check-in and boarding gates.

An APM (Automated People Mover) is available to transfer between check-in and international boarding gates.

Terminal 1 also is equipped with 120 shops spread over 28,000 square meters.

Present & future

Jeddah Airport Terminal 1 is expected to be able to host 80 million passengers by 2035, becoming one of busiest airports in the Middle East and the Gulf.


- ATMs
- Health services
- Shops and cafés
- Free Wi-Fi
- Currency exchange
- Duty free stores
- Luggage storage
- Pharmacy
- Prayer room
- Rest areas
- Self-check-in kiosks

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airport Hotel

Jeddah Airport Terminal 1 airside hotel is going to open during the first quarter of 2020.

It is a three-storey five star hotel with 120 rooms open for passengers arriving on international transit flights.


Saudia Al-Fursen Lounge (Domestic): Terminal 1, Domestic area. 

Saudia Al-Fursen Lounge (International): Terminal 1, open on the first quarter of 2020.